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About Us

Embark on a chilling journey with "Weird Crypto Monsters," born from a Halloween-inspired desire to delve into the world of paranormal activity. 🎃👻 Each enigmatic character possesses unique skills essential for protection, but protection from what? Unravel the mysteries that await as you step into the unknown.

Unleash the power of teamwork by combining multiple protectors, and prepare to be amazed by the fierce and surprising results! 🌌🦹‍♂️ Join us on this haunting adventure and explore the thrilling realms of the "Weird Crypto Monsters" NFT collection.

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HOLDERS benefits

Merch store

The Community will receive merchandise. All monsters holders will be able to receive discount from all the items in the store.

Reward Pool

$20,000 USDT will be distributed among nft holders (Holding period 9 weeks).


All the NFT holders will receive discount upto 40% in merch store and upcoming nft collection launch (The discount will depend on rarity of the nft). 

Events Tickets

Tomorrow land music festival tickets will be provided to those who who hold nfts till 12 weeks 


10% Donations to children education on sellout.


  •  50 hand-drawn nfts  making each one of a kind
  • Exclusive Metaverse events, merch & 3D models 
  • Exclusive discord channel for holders

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Phase 1[ launching the collection](june-sept 2023)

Phase 2[Community &
Connections] (oct - dec 2023)

Phase 3 [Public service] (Jan - March 2024)

Phase 4[The Monster Town](April - july 2024)

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Meet The Crew

Berneice Tran


Nathan Bean


Lynnette 4Wilkes


Claudia Hicks


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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to wcm, the convergence of art and PFP creation, where creativity knows no bounds. Our core belief is that both art and PFP art are unique forms of expression, deserving individual recognition. In this realm, we embark on a journey that honors the artistry within profile pictures, transcending norms to craft PFPs that resonate with your identity and essence.

In a vast sea of NFTs, we distinguish ourselves by dedicating our focus to crafting the most distinctive and memorable PFPs ever envisioned. Each monsters creation is meticulously handcrafted by our team of skilled artists, infusing every digital brushstroke with passion and expertise.


The mint price will be announced very soon

The mint date will be announced very soon

Monsters comprises Dynamic Collectibles, featuring the flexibility to add or modify assets in the near future.

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